Shackleton & Endurance

I took part in ‘There & Back Again’ an exhibition themed around exploration by The Drawn Chorus Collective. For it, I created Illustrations and an audio installation inspired by Sir Ernest Shackleton and the notorious Endurance expedition. Below you can find the final illustrations and audio pieces along with drawings and research from my project sketchbook. Audio passages are taken from ‘South – The Endurance Expedition’ as written by Shackleton himself and read by Actor Pip Donaghy with music composed by Mikey Parsons.

  • For The Drawn Chorus
  • Type Watercolour, Oil Pastel, Ink, Pencil

Sketchbook research and experimentation.

The Shackleton & Endurance audio installation (below) is made up of 7 recorded tracks between 1.20 minutes and 3 minutes long. The total running time is approximately 18 minutes. Best experienced with headphones.